Couples Therapy


"I don't think we can go one more day fighting like this. We need help!"


Most couples seek out therapy when they are at the lowest point of their relationship and doubt there is much that can be done to save it. So, then why even bother, you might ask. Because people want to be sure they did everything they could before giving up. I am here to tell you that there is hope

You and your partner can be happy again. It is possible for you to make decisions together again. It is possible for you to enjoy each other's company. And it is possible for you to have a full, rewarding life together again the way you once dreamed up when you were the "honeymoon" phase of your relationship.

You may wonder what is so special about therapy that it can really help you and your partner make such drastic changes. The beauty of the work we will do together is that you and your partner already know all the tips and tricks about what makes your relationship great! My job is only to help you remember them so that you can start applying them again. Because the thing is that what leads to big problems in relationships is one small problem that is focused on until only problems become the focus of the relationship and build into bigger problems. What a horrible cycle, right?

Luckily, all that is needed to reverse this cycle into having not big problems but instead big successes is focusing on what is working. Every relationship has parts that are functioning well. These are important and need to be highlighted. Through the questions that are asked and the conversations that take place in therapy, you and your partner will once again have a happy and rewarding relationship! All it takes is making that first step and calling 469-271-8330 for an appointment. 

I look forward to working with you and your partner remember what makes your relationship so special and unique!