Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you help me with my situation?
A: The fact that you are reading this tells me that you have the desire to feel better about your situation. Many people find that as they seek help, they naturally begin to feel happier and this will make a huge difference for you and your entire family. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see positive changes so don’t wait any longer.

Q: How can you possibly understand my situation?
A: Every person, couple, and family I work with is unique and there is no possible way that I can possibly understand what you are going through. What I can do is use the experience I have gained through years of working with families just like yours who have struggled in similar ways. What I do know how to do is to help you and your family figure out ways to feel better, more relaxed and more hopeful, in what you are dealing with right now.

Q: I don’t feel comfortable talking about my situation. How can you help with this?
A: I know that it can be very difficult to open up to a stranger about the difficult things you are struggling with. We will start off slowly and you can open up as you begin to feel more comfortable. Everything that we discuss is confidential and will stay between us so that you can feel better about opening up.

Q: Can you provide a hardship evaluation for my immigration case?
A: When appropriate, I am able to provide hardship evaluations in the form of a letter which can be used in your immigration case. We can discuss the details of this over the phone at 469-271-8330 or you can schedule an appointment below.

Q: Do you work with other issues?
A: Yes! I am here to help anyone who is struggling – whether that is with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief, illness or other life stressors. My goal is simple: I want you to feel better!

Q: What is the easiest way to schedule an appointment?
A: I can most easily be reached at 469-271-8330 to discuss scheduling an appointment. If you would like, you are also free to email me at or schedule an appointment here.