Are you tired of trying to stay strong for all of the people around you? 


Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the relationships that once used to bring you so much joy? Do you find yourself keeping everything inside when you really feel like you can’t keep going even one more day? If you are like many people, you are most likely wondering what you have gotten yourself into and what will happen to your family if you don’t figure something out quick.

You most likely feel helpless, frustrated, and isolated from the people you are supposed to be the closest to. You are probably even concerned about losing everything you have worked so hard to create. But you continue on because you love your family and don’t know what else to do.

It is normal to feel the way you do but what I am certain of is that you would like to feel happy and peaceful in your life again the way you used to feel. Let’s come up with a plan to help you better deal with the stresses of what you and those closest to you are facing.

Hi, my name is Cecilia Briseno and since 2007, I have been helping couples struggling with all types of relationship issues, from unfaithfulness to growing apart to immigration issues, learn how to stay on the same page as they face their future. I would be honored to hear your story and help you find better ways to manage your relationships.


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Premarital Therapy

Are you so excited for your future but want to be sure you do everything just right? Congratulations on finding the person of your dreams to spend the rest of your life with! What an exciting time for you! If you are like many others, you are overwhelmed with so many feelings and emotions and wondering…what is the first step?


Couples Therapy

Most couples seek out therapy when they are at the lowest point of their relationship and doubt there is much that can be done to save it. So, then why even bother, you might ask. Because people want to be sure they did everything they could before giving up. I am here to tell you that there is hope. You and your partner can be happy again.


Immigration services

Going through the immigration process is one of the most challenging and stressful times a couple can face. Add the additional stressors of life (work, kids, household chores, etc.) and it can quickly become overwhelming. For this reason, many people decide on their own or with the advice of their attorneys to seek out therapy...



You came to the right place! I am passionate about helping other social workers grow and succeed and would love to be a part of your growth process. In supervision with me, you can expect me to provide clinical supervision that will meet your professional needs, meet the requirements of professional ethics and state and federal laws and rules...